The Achilles heritage is based on over twenty years of tyre manufacturing and design expertise. Using the latest computer modelling and automated manufacturing technologies Achilles produce tyres of extraordinary quality.


The Desert Hawk Highway Terrain (HT) is a great value 4×4 and SUV tyre designed for comfort and safety. A hard wearing compound makes the HT a perfect choice for high kilometre applications.

Two wide straight grooves – improves water channeling and increased traction on wet and slippery roads.

Optimised block – reduces noise and un-evenness

Large shoulder block – provides strength, stiffness, outstanding handling and braking while driving


The Desert Hawk Ultra High Performance (UHP) re-defines what you can expect from a 4×4/SUV tyre.

Directional Tread Design – provides good traction for both wet and dry conditions

Solid Centre Rib – delivers straight line stability to improve handling

Rim guide protection – provides wheel damage protection

Double wide circumferential grooves – multiple lateral grooves help to channel water and to reduce the possiblity of hydroplaning


The Desert Hawk All Terrain (AT) is a classic AT pattern designed to perform to the highest level on any terrain, on or off-road.

The Desert Hawk AT will give you safe, comfortable motoring on any surface, sealed or broken, in any weather condition.

Staggered Tread block design – provides superior traction for all season performance

Wide and Deep tread grooves – Enhances resistance to hydroplaning for comfort and safety, excellent for traction in on/off road terrain

Two wide grooves – optimise handling on wet surface and disperses water efficiently to improve grip and stability


A true off road specialist, the Achilles Desert Hawk Mud Terrain (MT) has a super aggressive tread pattern and a unique side block design the provides astonishing levels of grip on rough and broken terrain.

The unique Achilles compound is a hard wearing designed engineered for endurance. The MT will endure any punishment you can throw at it.

Duel stage shoulder lugs provide self cleaning properties

Independent blocks provide excellent off road performance

Specially formulated compound maximises off road performance and mileage.


The incredible Achilles Xtreme Mud Terrain (XMT) tyre is a super-aggressive off road tyre featuring incredibly rigid high load construction and a unique block design. Side blocks and self cleaning pattern show that the XMT means business.

Aggressive tread pattern – better grip performance and durability, maximises traction and braking performance

X-Protection Sidewall Design – Provides sidewall protection from sharp cuts and rocks, high resistance to damage and additional traction from sidewall

Agressive 3 step block – Provides better traction for all terrain performance, minimised movement of tread blocks when cornering and maximised grip and stability

3 Ply Construction – Superior construction for high resistance to damage.