GT Radial tyres are made in some of the world’s most modern tyre manufacturing plants by one of the largest producers of tyres worldwide. GT Radial produces approximately 30 million tyres every year, about four times the total number of tyres sold in New Zealand.


Savero H/T Plus

  • New Highway Terrain 4WD tyre for city & highway driving.
  • Exceptional performance and comfort on highways.
  • Zig-zag design block pattern for high traction.
  • Excellent tread rigidity & handling stability in heavy duty conditions.
  • Double steel belts provide extra tough durability keeping tread firmly in contact with the most challenging roads

Savero HT2

  • Excellent handling and ride comfort
  • Outstanding grip and stability
  • Excellent balance of dry and wet handling
  • Effectively reduces road noise


Savero AT Plus

  • Specially designed for on and off road terrains, with aggressive and sporty tread design.
  • The newly improved Savero A/T Plus provides good traction, handling and stability.
  • The zig-zag circumferential grooves and added curves on each block give better grip.
  • Large shoulder blocks enhance handling stability and steering response on all terrains.
  • Wide lateral grooves remove water and mud effectively.
  • The new Savero A/T Plus delivers ultimate performance for your 4WD vehicle.

Adventuro A/T


  • All Terrain 4WD tyre for sealed & unsealed roads.
  • Superior performance on wet & snowy roads.
  • Lets you handle a wide range of road types.
  • Longer service life.• Better steering and handling.
  • Excellent stability and durability.

Adventuro A/T 2

  • All Terrain 4WD/5 Sizes: 16″
  • Special Tread Compounds with big Pattern Blocks.
  • Grooves in Shoulder and Small Sipes.
  • Large Grooves.• Directional Stability on all Surfaces and All-Weather Conditions.
  • Excellent High Speed and Cornering Performance.

Adventuro A/T 3

The Adventuro AT3 All-Terrain tyre has been developed to meet the needs of SUV / light truck drivers who desire the look and performance needed for on- and off-road driving.

Adventuro AT3 has been designed to blend an all-terrain tread design with a comfortable ride for SUV and pickup trucks while providing off-road capability in mud, sand, snow and over rocks.


Savero M/T


  • Long life Mud Terrain 4WD tyre with outstanding traction in the mud.
  • Wide lug angle grooves for self cleaning & traction in the mud.
  • Special tread compound highly resistant to cut and chip.
  • High modulus bead filter for quick steering response.
  • A superior performance on & off the road.

Adventuro MT

  • Outstanding grip, traction & skid control on muddy terrain.
  • Extra deep & Extra wide tread.
  • Long life even in difficult conditions.
  • Abrasion & puncture resistant performance.
  • Excellent on dirt roads with anti-stone trapping.
  • Double & Triple Tread/Sidewall Protection.

Savero Komodo Plus

  • Two high-tensile steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon for strength and durability.
  • A two-ply polyester – High Modulus Low Shrinkage – cord body enhances ride quality while providing protection from road stresses.
  • Long open lateral groove allowing tread to firmly grip on rock.
  • Zig zag shoulder block to add traction on uneven rock terrain and better self cleaning abilities on muddy terrain.
  • Protection ribs extended to shoulder prevent sharp stone and rock damage.
  • Komodo claws with skins to protect sidewall area against stone hazard.